What is cmdBridge?

cmdBridge is an intelligent command protocol translator.  Performing real-time translation between devices that talk different command languages, including physical interface conversion.  Such as a control system (e.g. Crestron, AMX, Extron, etc.) and a projector/display.

What can cmdBridge do for me?

You can reduce support and maintenance costs using a more strategic loan or spare equipment holding.  As a result, maintaining many different AV systems, even those without the complete control system source code available, is easier and cheaper.

For example, a projector in a lecture theatre has failed.  Traditionally you have a few options available;

Take the lecture theatre out of service whilst the projector is repaired.
Not ideal, as it may take a while to get the projector fixed if it all.

Replace the projector with a spare of the same make and model.
A great option if you have an exact spare sitting on the shelf ready to go.

Swap the projector out with an alternative and re-program the control system to use it.
You will get the system working if you have the system source code and a programmer with the tools available to make the change.  If the projector deployed was a loan unit, you will need to re-program the control system when the original comes back from repair.

Deploying cmdBridge in this scenario reduces the time and resources needed to get your customer up and running again.

The animation below shows a typical deployment scenario.

How can cmdBridge reduce my costs?

Here are just a few examples.

You no longer need to send a programmer when deploying spares/loan equipment. 
You can reduce the costs of handling support calls by keeping more cost-effective strategic spares/loan equipment to support multiple service contracts. cmdBridge can store up to 32 translations internally for rapid deployment.

You can also use cmdBridge to extend an existing installation's lifetime cost-effectively.  
A customer, for example, would like to upgrade a projector but doesn't have the control system source code or budget and time to upgrade/re-program the whole system. Deploying cmdBridge with a new projector would enable a cost-effective fix, enhancing your relationship with your customer.

A pass-through mode that lets you swap the physical control interface.  
For example, you may swap a projector with an IP interface with one with the same language that only has an RS232 interface or vice versa.

Make bidding for support contracts more competitive.
You can take on a support contract where the customer does not have the original system source code. cmdBridge can automatically snapshot an existing system in operation. Create a template configuration file ready to add your company's loan equipment details. Currently, up to 32 translations may be stored internally for simple and rapid deployment when required.

Enable a customer to try something new without impacting a working system.
A customer can easily do a real-world trial of a new replacement or upgraded device without updating the existing control system. With multiple translations stored in cmdBridge, you can rapidly change between various devices under test with just a few keystrokes.

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