Boot Time
cmdBridge boots and is ready to start work in just a few seconds.  It would have booted and be ready to go by the time you have read this sentence.

Introduced Latency
cmdBridge processes data very quickly, there is a total system latency of around 50 milliseconds (0.050 seconds).

Configuration file language
The configuration file provides the data needed for translations to happen.  It also permits the setting of variables, so you can create internal state machines.  These can be used to alter the behaviour of the translations, to assist with supplying the correct feedback to a control system ensuring the user interface is updated as expected.

Passthrough Mode
Command and reply data is passed through unchanged. Enabling physical interface translation without altering the content of the data.

Translation Mode
Alters the source commands and target replies according to the loaded translation configuration.

Monitor Mode
Provides real time monitoring of data passing through cmdBridge, regardless of physical interface.  Data is displayed via the console port, in hex and, if printable, in ASCII.

Capture Mode
When in passthrough mode, cmdBridge can record the data passing through. Automatically creating a snapshot of the working system, storing commands and associated replies into a pre-formatted configuration file.  Once complete the data may be saved to the USB memory stick, pre-formatted as a translation file.

Multiple internal memory slots to hold translation configuration.  No need to leave a USB memory stick connected for deployment.

Status LEDs
Status LEDs indicate the various modes, when data is received or transmitted, and if there is a fault.  The full details are in the user manual.
The brightness of the status LEDs is adjustable, to suit the deployment environment.