The current version of cmdBridge firmware is v1.0.3

The firmware may be downloaded via the buttons below.  As a minimum you will need;

  • A USB memory stick formatted with FAT of FAT32 file system
  • A USB port and terminal software to connect to the cmdBridge console port

Depending on your Windows installation you may also need the Microchip USB Serial driver, also available to download below.  Generally Windows 10 computers will automatically detect cmdBridge but older versions may not and need the driver.

Apple Mac OS will automatically detect the cmdBridge USB Serial.


Copy the downloaded firmware image to a USB Memory stick.

Insert the memory stick into cmdBridge, then enter the following command.

sys firmware load filename

The firmware will be verified, and if OK cmdBridge will reboot and load the new firmware.

Recommended terminal software

Windows - PuTTY (

Apple MacOS - Serial by Decisive Tactics (


Release notes


Initial release of cmdBridge.

Firmware version numbers

The firmware version number is broken down into three sections of...

major . minor . patch

A major version is accompanied with significant new features and/or a change in the underlying hardware.

A minor version adds new features, either as part of the development plan or a customer requested feature.

A patch update is a solution opportunity to correct and unrequested feature - or a bug fix.

Customer specific requests for features are welcome, we will look to include them in future releases.